Who are you?

CISTAXRETURNS.co.uk Limited is a specialised CIS tax refund agent, which is all we do. We are a registered HM Revenue & Customs tax agent (number 0412AB) and among our directors are Chartered Tax Advisors. We have been in business since 2003 (and incorporated as a limited company since 2009) offering customers a fixed fee, tax return preparation service, aiming to secure maximum due refunds as speedily as possible for all our customers.

What exactly is a tax refund?

A tax refund or rebate is an amount of money returned to an individual because they have paid too much tax in this or a previous tax year.

In what circumstances can I claim a tax refund?

You can claim a tax refund if you have paid too much tax, this could be because the amount deducted under CIS is too much once your expenses are deducted or you have not claimed allowances which you are entitled to.

What is the average refund you obtain?

All refunds are dependent on individual circumstances but over the last 2 years our average has been £1,808 per client per year. This is higher than some of our competitors as we specialise only in CIS subcontractors who often have significant expenses to claim against their income. We will ensure for all our clients they will receive the maximum legally possible refund.

What are your fees?

Unlike most of our competitors our fees are fixed and there are just 2 tariffs. We have 1 fee if you choose to pay us in advance, this is currently £300. If you choose to have us deduct our fee from the refund once processed the fee is £325. We don’t charge percentages as we feel it is unfair and you won’t find any additional fees for bank transfers or other surprises.

What are your opening hours and how can I contact you?

Our website is active 24 hours a day, you can sign up and complete the questionnaire whenever convenient to you. There are options for contacting our staff in the website, via email, text or callback. If you need to speak to a member of staff more urgently call 0117 946 7649. Our offices are manned 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, outside of these hours there is an answering machine service.

If CISTAXRETURNS.co.uk receives my refund what protection do I have?

All client money is held in a totally separate bank account from ours, a client trust account. We will not hold that money unduly, we aim to return the money to you within 24 hours of us receiving it. Our treatment of client money is subject to rules and regulations set down by our responsibilities as members of Chartered Institute of Taxation among others, any transgression on our part could see us subject to disciplinary action. We are also insured for your benefit against any negligence on our part when dealing with your money.

Do I have to file a tax return?

If you are self-employed in the UK you have to file an annual tax return called a self-assessment tax return. You are required to give details of your earnings and any other income you get and this information will be used to work out how much tax you have to pay. The tax office will automatically send you a self-assessment tax return each year in April, when the tax year ends and if you receive one you must fill it out even if you don’t think you need to. If you don’t send it back you may have to pay a penalty.

How experienced is CISTAXRETURNS.co.uk?

Our staff are fully trained in tax return preparation and the other systems we need to use. Members of our staff hold Chartered Certified Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor status among other qualifications, and have up to 20 years relevant experience.

What licences, accreditations and qualifications does CISTAXRETURNS.co.uk have?

We are a registered agent with HM Revenue & Customs agent registration 0412AB http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/dealingwith/authorising-accountant.htm, we are monitored by HMRC for the purposes of money laundering regulations, we hold a data protection licence (number Z1888413) see attachment and are bound by the Data Protection Act. We have professional indemnity insurance see attachment protecting you against any serious error we might make. We are a limited company registered in England & Wales (registration number 06970099 ), our accounts are publicly available through Companies House. Among our tax refund staff are members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants see attachment plus other appropriate memberships and qualifications.

When can I get my tax back?

The UK tax year is from April 6th until April 5th of the following year and you have up to six years to claim any overpaid UK tax. We recommend you use our service as soon as you have gathered the information we require, your refund is waiting for you and you earn no interest by waiting. All returns for the year just finished must be submitted to HMRC by 31 January of the next year to avoid the possibility of penalties.

How long does it take to receive my tax refund?

We aim to complete our tasks within 7 days of you submitting the information. HMRC then control the speed of processing, recent introductions of new security procedures mean refunds can take up to 8 weeks. We will inform you of an estimated refund time based on our current experience, times can vary during peak periods of the year.

How do I receive my refund?

You have several choices on how to receive your refund. Most people choose to pay our fee from the refund, therefore initially HMRC pay the refund into our secure and segregated client account, and we then send the balance to you via bank transfer or cheque, whichever you prefer. If you choose to pay our fee in advance, we can ask HMRC to send the refund directly to you via bank transfer or cheque.

What happens after I have submitted my information?

After you complete and submit our questionnaire we will, verify your identity for security reasons, submit a request to HMRC to act on your behalf, use the information supplied plus additional information we may need to contact you for, prepare your tax return and secure any refund due, passing it to you quickly and securely.

How many years can I reclaim overpaid tax?

H M Revenue & Customs currently allow you to reclaim overpaid tax from the previous four years, plus the current year so five years in total. If you think there are years where you have not claimed previously please indicate this on the questionnaire.

Is CISTAXRETURNS.co.uk in any way connected with HMRC or any part of the Government?

No. We are a private commercial company providing a tax return service to subcontractors working within the CIS scheme. We act as your registered agent in a similar way to someone appointing an accountant. Your information and details are held by us for that purpose alone, unless we are obliged to do so by law we will not divulge any information you give to us.

Could I get a refund myself?

Yes, all taxpayers have the right to file their own return on paper or via HMRC’s own website. But you will need to know the correct process and relevant questions to ask. You may find each stage is time consuming and involve periods of waiting for documents or references to arrive. We are highly experienced in what we do, we have systems which can link directly into the HMRC, making the whole process much quicker and likely securing a higher refund than you would otherwise receive. What we do is technical and complicated, we wouldn’t try and rewire our office ourselves so we don’t recommend you complete your own tax return.

I am not a UK citizen but have paid tax and left the UK am I entitled to a refund?

If you have worked legally in the UK and had tax deducted under CIS then you are still required to fill in a tax return and it is likely you will be due a refund.

I lost/never got my payslips or vouchers - what do I do?

We know it’s easy to lose documents or to not even receive them in the first place. Our approach to this will vary from case to case but we will be able to complete your tax return from other information sources such as your bank statements, asking the contractors you worked for, asking HMRC for information. Unlike some other providers there is no additional charge for obtaining this information from sources other than you.

I don't have receipts or invoices for some or all of my expenses?

It is a common misconception that to claim an expense or allowance you must have a receipt. In practice HMRC are willing to accept claims for deductions which can be shown to be reasonable. For example if you worked on a site 200 miles from your home it is reasonable to claim for accommodation costs as it is very unlikely you commuted that distance each day. But we do recommend that you keep all receipts wherever possible as that will make your and our job easier.

How secure is my personal information?

The security of your personal information is of paramount importance to us so we collect your data using a secure server. You can check this by looking on the browser address bar – if in Internet Explorer a padlock will appear on the right. In Mozilla Firefox, the bar will be blue immediately before the ‘https’. This ensures that any details you provide are never transmitted across the Internet without being encrypted to a high standard of security. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our security please feel free to contact us.